Most of Us Struggle To Fall Asleep Three Nights A Week

November is National Sleep Comfort Month, and while we all know getting a good night’s sleep is important for our health, there are still way too many people who are still struggling getting enough Z’s.

A new survey conducted by OnePoll and commissioned byIntellibedfor National Sleep Comfort Month in November finds:

  • The average person struggles to fall asleep about three nights a week.
  • For most people it takes 26 minutes to fall asleep, with the average person getting only about six hours and 23 minutes of sleep on a normal night.
  • So, why are so many people struggling to sleep?
  • Well, worrying about personal stuff is the most common thing keeping people up at night, with 45% of respondents saying that’s the problem.
  • Other things keeping people up at night include:
    • Being too hot (35%)
    • Insomnia (32%)
    • Don't feel tired (32%)
    • Worrying about work (30%)
  • And a bad night’s sleep can cause long lasting issues.
  • In fact, for the average person, a bad night’s sleep can negatively impact their work or personal life two days each week.

So, what can you do to help yourself sleep?

  • Well, the survey finds that those who sleep naked report having better sleep than those who don’t (53% vs. 27%).
  • Also, those who like their room warm and toasty sleep better than those who like a cold room (46% vs. 23%). 

Source:SWNS Digital

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