A New Study Says Men Experience More Heartbreak Than Women After A Breakup

If you thought that females experience more heartbreak than men, think again. Psychologists from “Lancaster University” has proven the opposite, studying the demographic and psychological profiles of over 184-thousand anonymous people who posted their relationship problems to an anonymous online forum.

The study found that men discussed feeling sad and upset on the forum significantly more than women did. This contradicts other research, which was based on feelings recorded during therapeutic settings.

So basically, men do experience heartbreak just as much as females, but females are more comfortable talking about their emotions in-person (such as therapy) and men are more likely to express their emotions in an anonymous setting (such as an online forum).

  • Lead Researcher Ryan Body concludes, “When you remove the traditional social stigmas against men for seeking help and sharing their emotions, they seem just as invested in working through rough patches in their relationships as women.”


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