Finding Love On A Dating App Six Times More Likely To End In Divorce

Researchers at “Savanta ComRes” survey 2,027 married adults over the age of 30 and uh, you may not like the results. They study found that there was a greater chance of an early split when a couple met via app, compared to meeting in a more “traditional” way.

That’s right, according to the study, couples who connected romantically via a dating app were actually SIX times more likely to divorce during their first three years of marriage. However, those couples that were brought together by friends or family saw longer-lasting unions.

One interesting finding was that there was no difference between those that met on apps like Tinder or those who connected via a “more serious” dating website such as eHarmony.

  • The charity “Marriage Foundation” commissioned the survey. They suggest that those who came together online "lack sufficient social capital or close support networks around them to deal with all the challenges they face when compared to those who met via friends, family or neighbors.” Research director of “Marriage Foundation,” Harry Benson, also explains "Couples [who met online] are marrying as relative strangers."


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