Women Are Sharing The Completely Normal Things That Somehow Ticked Men Off

Women apparently deal with a lot of BS. So much that Reddit useru/TheVarnAttackasked the question "Women, what is the most eye-roll-worthy thing a man has made a huge deal about before?" The answers may seem ridiculous, but probably won’t surprise you all that much.

• "My ex asked if I wanted help carrying my bag at the airport. It was an old one with no wheels. I declined and carried it down a flight of stairs. When we arrived at the bottom, he got mad at me because he thought two men who happened to be standing there were judging him for not carrying my bag."

• "My ex was mad at me for getting a better GPA than him in college. Then, he told me that if he stayed with me, I would prevent him from getting into medical school. We broke up, and it turned out that a year later, he couldn’t get into medical school because he wasn’t qualified. I had nothing to do with it."

• "My ex would go into a blind rage whenever I forgot to say 'God bless you' after he sneezed. It was unreal."

• "I ordered steak for lunch, and he told that wasn't very ladylike! I followed it up with a beer, paid for mine, and left."

• "I took a fry from the take out bag in the car on our way home. Ex got all mad over it."

• "He asked me a question, and I responded, 'I do.' He flipped out, saying I was trying to put the thought of marriage in his mind."

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