TikTok Myths That Need Debunking

Whether or not you are on TikTok, chances have it that you have heard some myths about the latest social media channel. But that’s what they are myths. Here are some of the biggest ones that need debunking.

  • TikTok is just for Gen Z. Yes, it first gained traction with this generation, but that’s no longer the case. More than half of users are actually above the age of 30!
  • TikTok is just for dancing and lip-syncing. Sure, it started out this way, but now you can find every manner of content creation on it. It’s become so diverse.
  • You have to be hot to be successful. Talent, expertise, and reliability tend to get more views and follows than just looks alone.
  • You’ll get your first 1,000 followers in X weeks. There is no one-size-fits-all timing when it comes to followers and likes; everyone has a different pace.
  • Your first few videos determine your page’s success. There’s plenty of current big TikTokers whose first few videos tanked. But, TikTok does favor new accounts, so there’s a higher chance for them to be seen.
  • Hashtags don’t do anything. Such false! They make your videos more discoverable and help the algorithm decide who to show your videos to.

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