People Reveal The Craziest Rumors They’ve Heard About Themselves

While rumors can be fun to hear when it’s about other people, nobody likes to hear nasty rumors about themselves, but that’s certainly happened to a lot of folks. Well, a new thread on the anonymous Whisper App has folks sharing the most outrageous rumors they’ve ever heard about themselves, and some are pretty shocking. 

Rumors include:

  • “My best friend spread a rumor about me saying that I cheated on my boyfriend, he broke up with me because of it.”
  • “The people I went to high school with started a rumor that I had killed people and escaped the mental institute…I never corrected them because in all honesty…hated all of them.”
  • “There was a rumor about me last year at school that I had STDs and that I slept with almost all of the sophomore class…I’m a virgin.”
  • “Before I left my old town I spread a rumor that I had died. There’s a memorial page on Facebook and I love everyone’s comments.”
  • “When I was in the 6thgrade I got the flu and was out of school for three weeks and my best friend spread a rumor that I was pregnant. Now I don’t trust anyone and have only guy friends.”
  • “Someone started a rumor that I was anorexic and bulimic when in reality they’re just jealous that I’m skinny.”
  • “My best friend stopped talking with me after she heard a rumor that I was trying to steal her crush. The truth? He’s my best guy friend and we’re just hanging. I’m like his little sis. No chemistry.”
  • “Someone started a rumor that I have no nipples.”
  • “There was a rumor I peed in the chili at school. People still ask me if it’s true.” 


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