How Liars and Cheaters React To Being Caught

While we’d all wish everyone in the world was honest, we know all too well that there are plenty of liars and cheaters out there. Of course, many of those liars and cheaters do get caught, and when that happens they can react in a whole host of ways.

Well, a new thread on Reddit posed the question, “What’s something people say or do when they get caught lying or cheating?,” and plenty of people were happy to share their thoughts.

They include:

  • "Blame someone else."
  • "They get mad at you for snooping."
  • "Get super defensive. Start pointing out all of your flaws to shift the focus to you and bad things you may have done in the past, even if it's completely irrelevant."
  • "Something like, 'You don't understand what trauma I've dealt with since my dad died.' Meanwhile, the dad died 10 years ago."
  • “'It’s not what it looks like,' and 'You’re taking things out of context.'"
  • "They say, 'You're overreacting.'"
  • "People tend to repeat their lies in a louder voice if it's questioned. As if speaking loudly suddenly makes what you're saying true!"
  • "Deny it, gaslight, or in short, continue to try and save their own ass as they see fit. I know people that absolutely cannot accept the blame. How do you deal with people like that?"
  • "Start to overdo it in the excuse department. Like, if you want to lie, keep it simple and base it as much as possible in the truth."
  • "Tell you they are 'going to be honest with you.' They are not."
  • “They blame you, saying, 'Why are you stalking my social media, you creeper?'"


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