Haunting Is The Dating Trend Even Worse Than Ghosting

Because ghosting isn’t enough, now there’s “haunting,” quite fittingly, right in time for Halloween. What’s haunting? It’s when a former fling starts popping up again in your social notifications, like watching your story, liking your Insta pic, or commenting on something.

Haunting is actually super common, and doesn’t discriminate among your past lovers – you can be “haunted” by someone from four years ago or someone you went on one date with two months ago. “OkCupid’s” Chief Marketing Office Melissa Hobley calls “haunting” dating’s newest trend.

She describes it as "No meaningful interactions; just a lingering presence." And it can be any type of social media from Instagram and TikTok to Snapchat or even Facebook and LinkedIn (for real!). The worst part? It's super common. In this digital age, it's not always as easy to cut ties."

  • The good news is that there are ways to avoid haunting, if you’re spooked by it (see what we did there?!). Cut the digital tie by unfollowing them, muting them, or unfollowing them. If you’re really creeped out by it, maybe reconsider how soon you give potential dates your social media handles.


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