Funny Venmo Captions Inspired By Real Payments

Is Venmo the new Twitter? That may be a stretch, but with Venmo requiring you to add a description when you pay your friends and family back (or request money from them) you can have a lot of fun with what you write. Instead of just writing what the payment is for, try these hilarious Venmo captions instead.

  • “We are bad people.”
  • “You are the wine beneath my wings.”
  • “An unfortunate series of events.”
  • “For the French bread personal pizza that I put in the oven last night then passed out.”
  • “For popping the pimples on my back.”
  • “Drugs (the CVS kind!)”
  • “Super-lame birthday present.”
  • “Help me, I’m poor.”
  • “Take all my money.”
  • “Friend$hip dues.”
  • “For being your favorite daughter.”

For the full list, clickHERE!


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