The 7 Mindless Habits That Are Making You Unproductive

Have you been unproductive at work recently? A research from the University of California, Irvine looked into this problem. He found that workers who are interrupted by calls and emailsneed an average of around 23 minutesto get back to their original task.

They also end up feeling more stressed and frustration than their peers. That’s a lot of time! Sometimes interruptions come from other people, but other times, they’re because of mindless habits and ourselves we don’t even realize we’re doing.

The first step is to identify the habit you need to break. Here are seven of the most common mindless habits you should watch out for.

  1. You constantly check your personal phone when there’s a lull.
  2. You do unrelated tasks that will “only take a second.”
  3. You open too many tabs on your browser.
  4. You impulsively check Slack and other work chat platforms.
  5. You start solving problems right away, before determining if they’re actually your problems to solve.
  6. You assume you’re right.
  7. You schedule unnecessary meetings.

Source:Huffington Post

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