People Tell Us Why They Hate Halloween

While most kids, and a lot of adults, love Halloween, not everyone is a fan of the spooky holiday. In fact, there are plenty of people who hate it for a variety of reasons, and now those folks are sharing

A recent thread on the anonymous Whisper App has Halloween haters revealing why they hate the holiday, and we bet some folks can relate. Reasons people hate Halloween include:

  • “My birthday is Halloween which was awesome as a kid. Now I’m an adult, but I hate drinking, partying and sexy costumes. That’s all people want to do for Halloween now. It sucks.”
  • “I hate Halloween as a girl because everyone expects you to dress up super slutty and I’m not the type of girl to wear revealing clothes. I always feel judged.”
  • “I hate Halloween…I always get a weird feeling that someone or something is watching and following me every single year.”
  • “I hate Halloween. Not because it’s Satanic or anything. Simply because it reminds me of my lack of friends when I don’t get invited to anything.”
  • “I hate Halloween because I’m always ditched and left to eat candy and watch movies…alone… all night.”
  • “I hate Halloween. I hate scary movies. I hate candy. I hate pumpkin. I hate spending money.”
  • “I hate Halloween. Every year something bad happens to me. Every year.”
  • “I hate Halloween because I’m the girl who dresses in a funny, non-slutty costume and I always feel awkward and ugly amidst the beautiful slutty cats.”


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