Things That Were Normal To 90s Kids But Are Totally Weird Today

We live in a new world. And for 20-somethings, there are things you did in the ‘90s that just would not happen at all today. In reality, it would be totally weird to do these things today.

  • Joining a fan club for an artist of fandom through the mail and getting things like pins and newsletters mailed to you periodically.
  • Having to look up a direction in an atlas (that was always in the car) if you were helping one of your parents navigate while they drove.
  • Having to rewind a movie before you watched it because the last person to watch didn’t rewind it.
  • Having the movie theater be the only place you could watch new trailers.
  • Having to research school assignments in encyclopedias and praying that there was enough of an explainer on the subject matter you were writing about.
  • Having zero idea who was calling at any time.
  • Paging someone and having to sit around next to the phone until they called you back.
  • Ordering toys, clothes, books, or other things from a catalog or TV commercial and waiting weeks for them to come.

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