People Are Sharing Things About Relationships That Should Be De-Normalized

There are things in relationships that have become normalized…but should they be? “BuzzFeed” recently asked their community about it, and their answers were pretty valid.

  • “Trying to emulate relationships you see on social media. Also, reprimanding your partner for NOT emulating what you see on social media. Don't try to copy other people, because not everything you see online is perfect."
  • “The ‘clumsy husband’ and ‘annoying wife’ cliché. No, constant complaining about what your spouse did 'wrong' isn't cute and isn't normal, even if it's just made up for a stupid Twitter joke."
  • “The idea that cheating is part of the ‘highs and lows’ of a relationship. No, cheating is the END. NEXT!”
  • “We should normalize healthy discussions around boundaries and expectations and consent. And we should normalize being straightforward in discussions.”
  • “Clocking each other’s location. It's not normal. I mean, maybe it is for some, but I really think it’s mostly controlling."
  • “The idea that couples need to be together 24/7. Like, when you plan to hang out with your friend, they automatically bring their partner without asking.”

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