Experts Debunk TikTok ‘Lemon Coffee’ Weight Loss Trick

Wouldn’t it be great if your morning cup of coffee could help you lose weight? Some TikTokers think it can, if you add a surprising ingredient. Users are putting lemon juice in their coffee after some videos on the site said the combo promotes weight loss, but science doesn’t back up the claim.

The hashtag “lemon coffee” has more than 7.5-million views, so lots of people are checking out the trend. But according to health experts and dietitians, they’re not going to see weight loss results from trying it and the only weight loss benefit to lemon coffee is that it’s low-calorie. Registered dietitian Erin Palinski-Wade says adding lemon to your coffee won’t promote weight loss, but drinking warm beverages can increase the feeling of fullness, which may lead to eating less and weight loss. “But it isn’t the lemon causing the weight loss,” she points out.

Lemon coffee might not be the secret to shedding pounds, but it can slow down how quickly you absorb carbs from food, so your blood sugar doesn’t rise as fast, but functional medicine health consultant Meg Mill cautions, “This doesn’t mean you’ll directly lose weight.” And registered dietitian Michelle Rauch explains that the idea that combining coffee and lemon juice “creates a ‘fat burning’ elixir is false.” She adds, “While each component may have some of their own health benefits, there’s no scientific evidence to prove that the pairing of the two would promote weight loss.”

Source:Fox News

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