Guys Are Sharing "Men Secrets"

Reddit is at it again, opening our eyes, this time with user Kyto_J asking the men of Reddit, “What’s the one thing you hate about being a dude?” Some answers were lighthearted, but many were serious.

  • “The mental health of men isn’t taken seriously.”
  • “Honestly, so few people care about how I’m feeling. They ask how I'm doing, and they wanna hear about all of the stuff that I'm actively doing — but they don't wanna hear that I'm dealing with some emotional stuff."
  • "Never received a compliment in my life, except the time a girl told me she liked my boots in eighth grade. I appreciate it still."
  • “Balding. I hate it.”
  • “Being expected to always do the first move. I’d love to be asked to go out on a date just once.”
  • “The need to be tall as other men.”
  • “Trying unsuccessfully to be buff. I’m self-conscious that I’m kinda skinny and not very muscular.”
  • "Unrealistic expectations because guys are supposed to 'have it all figured out' — feeling like you're falling behind or not measuring up to where you're 'supposed to be. Like, I know it's BS and that life happens at its own pace, but it just gets hard sometimes."

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