Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Make A Career Switch

Most of us have done a lot of reflecting these past 18 months and for many, that’s included thoughts about making a career switch. “The Great Resignation” is upon us, with a record number of employees switching gigsbut also a record number of vacancies.

Director of Economic Statistics at the “Office for National Statistics” estimates “all industries have at least as many jobs on offer now as before the onset of COVID-19.” Basically, there are tons of jobs available right now if you want one. Plus, with this extra time we can use to reflect on ourselves and our happiness at our current jobs, we are in a good position to figure out if a career switch is what we really want, without acting impulsively.

Career coach and consultant, Hannah Salton, recommends to “keep a diary and record your highs and lows at work so you can reflect over time. Even if you’re not 100 per cent sure you want to change, you can investigate and research options while still in your current role.”

  • Salton also stresses that it’s actually better if you don’t wait until you hate your current job to make the switch. In fact, the most successful career changes come from just networking.


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