Subtle Signs Someone Is Probably Flirting With You

Are they flirting orare they just super nice? This has always been a bit hard to tell. But there are some subtle signs you should pay attention to that mean that they are flirting with you and some experts on dating are sharing them with us.

  • Their behavior noticeably changes when you’re around – like touching more, talking more, laughing more, or maybe even clam up.
  • They listen to what you’re saying rather than zoning out.
  • They keep making eye contact.
  • They ask you lots of questions and showing genuine interest in how you answer.
  • They’re full of good banter, whether in person or via text.
  • Their body is pointed in your direction (i.e. if their knees are pointed in your direction under a table).
  • They can’t stop smiling.
  • They always laugh at your jokes.

For a full list of signs, clickHERE!


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