Outrageous Ad For Roommate Goes Viral

Living with roommates can come with problems, so it’s understandable to lay some ground rules out right from the beginning. But one homeowner’s rules for a possible roommate are a bit extreme, and they have now gone viral on the Internet. 

A picture of an outrageous advertisement for a roommate recently went viral on Reddit and we could understand anyone’s reluctance to want to live with this person. The landlord set out a list of strict rules to rent out a room in their three-bedroom apartment, and it almost sounds like they’d be living in a prison.

Rules include things like:

  • The rent includes only the bedroom, although they could use the bathroom, but they must shower before 8 pm and buy their own toilet paper, soap, shampoo, etc.
  • They could use the kitchen, but must clean up after themselves, and are not allowed to cook meat because the landlord is vegan.
  • No music or TV watching is allowed past 9:30 pm.
  • Weekly inspections of the room will happen to make sure they are being clean.
  • No pets.
  • Visitors are discouraged, but if they must come, they must stay in the roommate’s room only and are not allowed to use the bathroom. 

For this, the roommate would have to pay $1,300 a month, plus an additional $75 for Wi-Fi. 

  • As you can imagine, folks on the Internet were pretty shocked by the ad.
    • "I’m sad for anyone who is desperate enough to live here,” one person wrote.
    • While another joked, "All that for only $1,300 a month. Where do you sign up?!"

Source:The Sun

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