Green Flags To Look For When Dating

We’ve all heard of red flags. But what are the green flags, or the things you should be looking for when dating? Dating experts are sharing what these signs are for you to look for in a partner.

  • They’re a good clear, communicator. Basically, you don’t need to spend time constantly decoding messages.
  • The conversation flows. And when silence does happen, it doesn’t feel awkward.
  • They talk about the future. Mention doing something a few months from now and see if they clam up or not.
  • They respect you and others. This includes your time, your personal goals, your boundaries, and speaks kindly to others, like friends, family, or even the waiter.
  • They ask you questions about yourself. Some people just like talking about themselves, which can be a red flag.
  • Things feel easy. Don’t overthink it, if you feel like you can relax with him or her, that’s good.
  • You have a good gut feeling. Trust it!

For a full list of green flags, clickHERE!


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