Icing, The Latest Dating Trend

Another day, another dating trend. You’ve heard of ghosting, orbiting and breadcrumbing… but how about “icing?” It might sound delicious, but it’s anything but sweet.

Icing is when someone puts the person they’re dating “on ice.” As in, they can’t be with you right now, but want to leave open the possibility of getting together in the future. The thing is, people aren’t always so direct, so you could be getting iced without even knowing it. Here are some signs you’re a victim of icing:

  • Your partner’s behavior is confusing and you’re never sure where you stand.
  • They disappear every once in a while and then come back like nothing happened.
  • They won’t commit or be exclusive with you.
  • They cancel dates last minute all the time or won’t make concrete plans.
  • You’re relieved when you hear from them because their silence was making you anxious.
  • They’re online but take days to respond to you.

So, what do you do if you’re being iced? There’s no reason to let someone ruin your self-worth, so it’s time to either set boundaries with them or let them go. If things aren’t working out between you now, there’s not much hope it’ll change later.

  • Learn more about icing and other dating trendsHERE.


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