Toddler Accidentally Livestreams Mom...In the Shower

A phone can be a lifesaver when you need to entertain your kid for a few minutes and parents happily hand theirs over to keep their little one busy while they take care of something. But one mom has learned the hard way that you never know which apps your child may get into while they’re innocently playing a kid-friendly game.

In a TikTokvideo, Brianna shares that her young daughter accidentally broadcast her live on Instagram while she was showering. She explains that she gave her toddler her phone to play a preschool learning game on while she took a shower. And while she was still in there, the tot knocked on the door and asked mommy to help her fix something. The little girl came in and handed mom the phone while she was still in the shower and then she made the shocking discovery.

“I quickly realize that my phone is broadcasting LIVE on Instagram” Brianna says. “In my hand. While I am in the shower.” And she has no idea how many people saw her in her birthday suit because she says she deleted it before she saw any of that.

  • Her post has racked up more than 375-thousand views and hundreds of comments, including one that congratulates her. “You win,” the user writes. “Not sure anyone can beat that one!!!”
  • Another user tried to make the mom feel better by sharing that their niece used the phone to order 158 ice creams from McDonald’s on Uber Eats and the parents had no idea.
  • And some other parents of toddlers advise Brianna to use a feature called “guided access” that can restrict an iPhone to a single app.”

Source:New York Post

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