Delete These Things From Your Resume NOW

Your resume is like a high-stakes first impression. Recruiters typically only look at resumes for an average of seven seconds, and to be frank, they’re looking for a reason to throw yours in the reject pile. That’s why it’s important to cut out the stuff that doesn’t serve you. Here’s what recruiters say you should delete from your resume, like now:

  • Your mailing address. All an employer needs is your email address and a phone number – and maybe your LinkedIn URL or website if they ask for it. There’s no real reason to give them your mailing address until after you’re already hired.
  • Your photo or headshot. Unless you’re an actor or model, your looks have little to do with your qualifications for a job. In fact, it could hurt you to put your photo on your resume, since recruiters can potentially discriminate against you or just get straight-up annoyed.
  • Irrelevant employment history. Unless a job you had is relevant to the one you applied for, there’s no need to include it on your resume. You might think it’s impressive that you have so much work experience, but that’s a journey you can take an employer through if they ask you during the interview. If you really want to show off your experience, consider summarizing it in a sentence or two in a shorter “earlier employment” section.
  • Unless the job posting specifically asks for job references, don’t put them down on your resume. And don’t bother writing “references available upon request,” either. If an employer wants references, they’ll ask for them

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