Will Pay $5K To Take Baths At Fancy Hotels

Do you love baths so much you wish taking them could be your job? Well, now’s your chance. is searching for a new “Bath Boss” and the gig sounds like a sweet paid vacay. The winner will get to visit New York City hotels to try out the bathtubs in their room and it pays pretty well, too.

According to, the hotel room bathtub amenity is “quickly becoming an endangered species” and they’re not going to let that happen. So they’ve created the Bath Boss position to help make sure we’ll be able to continue relaxing in the hotel room tub in the future. “If you’re ready to soak to the point of prune, we need YOU, a self-proclaimed claw-foot connoisseur,” the job description reads, “to embark on a trip to three luxurious hotel properties in New York City to experience the ultimate Tour de Tub.”

Does this sound like your dream job? Here’s what you need to know:

  • You have until Friday, October 15th to apply on theBath Boss webpage.
  • In addition to sharing your experience with hotel baths, you’ll need to answer “What makes you a Bath Boss?” and explain the “master Bath Boss qualifications you possess.”
  • Entries will be judged on “creativity/originality, quality of submission and fit to theme.”
  • The lucky winner will find out by Wednesday, Oct 20th
  • If you’re chosen, you’ll get a six-night stay at one or more New York City hotels of their choosing.
  • And the best part - the prizes - You’ll get a thousand dollar travel stipend, $5-thousand spending money, a custom robe, slippers, eye mask, and at least one of these bath accessories: bubbles, bath salts, bath bombs.

Source:Elite Daily

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