Here's How To Protect Your Packages From Porch Pirates

Believe it or not, for many people, it’s already time to start thinking about holiday shopping. There’s no doubt online shopping will once again be big for the holidays this year, which means folks will be getting a lot of packages, and porch pirates will be on the prowl looking for things they can steal.

But while porch pirates can ruin anyone’s holiday season, folks don’t have to just accept being a victim. There are lots of ways to protect your packages from thieves, and there’s still time to take some precautions before someone ruins your holiday.

Ways to protect against Porch Pirates include:

  • Video doorbells– There are tons of video doorbells and outdoor cameras on the market. They can be a big deterrent for porch pirates, and if someone is still brazen enough to snag your items, at least you'll have video evidence identifying your thief.
  • Allow for in-garage access– Amazon Prime members have the option of Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery, which gives vetted delivery people access to your garage to put deliveries inside and then close it up. Folks will need Chamberlain’s myQ connected smart garages in order or it to work, but if they do, shoppers need to just select “Key Delivery” at checkout, and they’ll get a notification when the delivery has arrived. There’s even an option to watch the delivery as it’s happening.
  • Lock Boxes– If you get a lot of packages, investing in a lock box for your porch may be the way to go, which allows deliveries to be placed in a secure, locked mailbox, which also keeps them protected from the weather.
  • Get it delivered to another location– If these won’t work for you, the best option is to have it delivered to another location if you are not going to be home. You can get a post office box, or, if your boss is okay with it, have it delivered to the office.

Source:USA Today

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