Here’s What Our “Dream” Phones Would Feature

These days most of us can’t live without our mobile phone, and while there are a lot of great things we can do with our phones, there’s always room for improvement. And now a new survey reveals just what improvements folks would like to see in their so-called “dream" phones, and we think folks would love the improvements.

A new survey commissioned by Tesco Mobile finds:

  • 39% of people say they currently own their “dream” phone.
  • Two-thirds of adults say they “couldn’t live” without their phone.
  • The average person spends 55 minutes a week talking on their phone. 
  • But folks do have some thoughts on how phones can be made better. And while some are totally doable, others are a bit out there.
  • Top things folks would add to their “dream” phone include:
    • Tell you who’s calling – even if you don’t recognize the number
    • An uncrackable screen
    • Charge wirelessly from anywhere
    • Allow you to get things, like food shopping, cheaper
    • Automatically reject any phone contract price hikes
    • Automatically sort through images to delete duplicates
    • Gift leftover data to a charity of your choice
    • Have a ‘drunk text’ filter – so you can’t send drunk texts
    • Lock social media access if you’ve scrolled for too long
    • Let you FaceTime someone famous

Source:SWNS Digital

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