Maybe ‘Dating Is Hard’ Because It’s “You”

Tired of the dating game? Do you feel like no matter how many dating apps you join or mingling you do at the bar, no one’s cutting it for you? Sorry to break it to you, but at a certain point you’ve got to look inward if things aren’t working out in your love life.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, and if none of the are the one for you… the problem might be you. Consider how you’d feel dating yourself. Are you a stingy tipper with insanely high standards and a busy schedule? That might be behind your lack of dates. Here are some more things that might make you undateable:

  • Your idea of a good first or second date is a nightcap at your place.
  • You have a dart-less dartboard and a vintage “Pulp Fiction” poster at home.
  • You spend your free time at Dave & Buster’s, or reminiscing at your old high school.
  • You chat up locals by talking heated politics and recapping the “Bachelor Recap Podcast”
  • You talk a lot about your exes and dating troubles.
  • You run a YouTube channel about moon landing conspiracies.
  • Your goal is to be a millionaire by thirty-five.

Source:The New Yorker

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