Nasty Things Men Do But Women Don’t Find Out Til They Move In

Love is blind, and sometimes you can be blinded by love. We’ve all been there – you fall head over heels for a guy and move in, only for habits you never noticed to start getting on your nerves. Here’s some gross things men do that women usually don’t find out until they’ve shacked up:

  • Missing the laundry basket. Some guys should give up on being the Kobe Bryant of laundry, it doesn’t take long for a smelly pile of old clothes to build up right next to the laundry basket.
  • Digging for gold. The more comfortable someone gets with you, the closer you are to catching them sticking their fingers where the sun don’t shine – like their nose, belly button or pants.
  • Do we have to explain this one? Whether they’re comfortable enough to let it rip in front of you, or do it in their sleep… at least it’s kind of funny.
  • Ruining the bathroom. Guys have all kinds of bad toilet habits, like keeping the seat up, missing the bowl, and forgetting to wash their hands… or spending a whole hour in there after a meal.

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