Taking Pics Of Your Food Could Be Bad For Your Weight

When you’re scrolling on social media, chances are you’re seeing a lot of selfies and food pics. Surveys suggest that almost 70-percent of millennials share photos of their food before chowing down… but if you’re watching your figure, you may want to think again before posting.

Sure, there are some benefits to taking snaps of your food. For example, it can make your meal even more mouth-watering since the pics make your brain focus more on the smell and taste. But researchers at Georgia Southern University have found that taking photos of your food can also make you eat more – which could ultimately be bad for your waistline.

Nearly 150 students were split into two groups, one of them being told to take pics of a plate of cheese crackers before eating. That group rated the snack session higher and ate more portions, leading researchers to conclude that taking pictures changes the way oour brain perceives food… and boosts cravings.

Source:Daily Mail

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