Snickers Unveils Limited Edition Cinnamon Bun Flavor

There’s a new Snickers flavor coming to Walmart shelves: the limited edition SNICKERS Cinnamon Bun. The company says it’s a “combination of the flavor of warm cinnamon rolls and the traditional SNICKERS chocolate bar.” How’d they do it? Cinnamon-flavored nougat and peanuts topped with caramel covered in milk chocolate.

“SNICKERS Cinnamon Bun delivers a classic flavor that welcomes the fall season,” says Senior Brand Director Michelle Deignan. “It offers a moment of comfort with a taste and texture only SNICKERS can provide.”

The company isn’t saying how long this “limited time” is, but it’s arriving in stores this month. You can get the new bars in 1.5 oz. singles or in a 24-count singles box.


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