We're Looking Forward To The Holiday Season

While it’s only the first week of October, there are already plenty of people thinking about the holidays and a lot of people just can’t wait.

A new Coinstar survey finds:

  • 64% of Americans believe the holidays will give them something good to look forward to this year.
  • 31% are looking forward to the holiday season more than last year.
  • To increase the holiday joy, folks plan to increase holiday activities this year including:
    • Baking holiday treats (80%)
    • Enjoy neighborhood holiday decorations and lights (77%)
    • Attend holiday parties (60%)
    • Decorate their workspace or office (45%)
    • Participate in caroling with others (32%).

When it comes to holiday shopping…

  • 39% are unable to afford as many gifts this holiday season.
  • 34% of those planning to buy fewer gifts say it’s because of being out of work or having a lower paying job.
  • Only 59% of people have a holiday budget this year, compared to 67% in 2019 before the pandemic.
  • 68% of people would prefer cash or a gift card over an actual gift.
  • 28% say they likely re-gift this holiday season.
  • 13% would not give a gift to a friend or family member who did not share their views on COVID-19.
  • On a positive note, 31% say they will be donating money or their time to charity this holiday season.
  • The same amount will increase their giving.
  • 57% plan to tip their service providers this season. 

Source:Business Insider

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