Stuff We Need To Stop Teaching Young Children

Parents often set a lot of rules for their kids, but when folks look back on them they realize they probably weren’t really in their best interest and now people are sharing their thoughts.

Someone on Reddit recently posed the question, “What should we stop teaching young children?,” and plenty of people were more than happy to chime in.

Things we should stop teaching young children include:

  • "That saying 'no' is rude. I wanna teach my kid it’s OK to refuse something or just say 'no' without any reason."
  • "That not wanting to hug someone is rude."
  • "[We should teach them] that they're not obligated to be friends with people if they don't want to."
  • "That everyone is your friend. It’s not true. I had to tell my 9-year-old niece that sometimes people aren’t going to like her and it’s just how it is. …She’s so sweet and I hated having to tell her that."
  • "That they’re more special than other kids. It’s a recipe for future entitled adults."
  • "To finish the food on your plate if you’re not still hungry. Note: don’t waste food. Save leftovers if you can."
  • “Stop making them share everything for the sake of sharing. Teach them to set healthy boundaries.”
  • "To be ashamed when they're wrong. People should be thrilled to learn they're wrong because it's an opportunity to learn."
  • "That if someone is picking on them, it means they like them. Gonna set them up for a lot of problems later in life."
  • "That toys or colors are gender-specific. I feel like that limits children's imaginations and potential dreams."
  • "That just because someone's older doesn't mean they are right."


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