Single Women’s Priorities Have Shifted When It Comes To Finding A Partner

Dating has certainly changed in the past year and a half or so due to COVID, and a new survey reveals just how much women’s priorities have shifted when it comes to finding a partner.

A new survey finds:

  • Before the pandemic, 40% of women said they were dating without intention.
  • Now, 85% admit they are intentionally seeking a steady partner.
  • Another 30% say they have changed their relationship goals due to their dating experiences over the last year.
  • 77% refuse to settle for anyone who doesn’t meet their dating standards.
  • While pre-pandemic 60% of women were open to short-term flings, now 85% of them are looking for a stable relationship.
  • When it comes to going out on a date, 58% will base their decision on the number of interactions they have with a potential match.
  • 47% though will base their decision purely on physical attractiveness. 

So, what are women looking for in a potential mate?

  • Women are more likely to be interested in guys who frequently engage them in conversation, regardless of how they look.
  • Most are interested in “nice guys,” noting they are never confused as to whether they’re interested, the status of their relationship and where it’s headed.
  • Most say after the last year they are more attracted to dates who are consistent and dependable.
  • Many say they are interested in a relationship with someone who guarantees stability. 

Source:AP News

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