How to Get Back at Your Ex: Fun, (Sort of) Classy Ways to Get Revenge

  • Get someone hotter, cleverer, and generally better

Do you really want to know how to get revenge on your ex? Get someone hotter, cleverer, and generally better. If you find someone so much hotter and better than them *and you show that off to everyone, including your ex*, then they’ll be regretting treating you like they did.

  • Go somewhere you know they’ll be and look fabulous

If you know you are going to be in the same place, make the extra effort to look super hot. Buy a new outfit, get a haircut, do whatever it takes to make them think ‘what have I done?’

  • Get with their friends

If they really screwed you over, there is no sweeter revenge than hooking up with their nearest and dearest. It sends them crazy with jealousy but since they don’t have a leg to stand on, they just have to sit there and take it!

  • Flirt with other people in front of them

Show them how little you care by getting your flirt on big time with other people. If you’re in a place or event around your ex, it’s your time to shine! Flirt with other people and attract them with your charm and gorgeous smile.

  • Be really nice to them

Your ex treated you like, so why do you have to be nice to them? Sometimes, you’ve just got to be the bigger person. Being really nice to them is a great way to show you couldn’t care less.

  • Delete all their pics from your social media

Let them know you mean business and want to start over by deleting any trace of them from your social media accounts. Before they get a chance to do it first, make sure you clean all your photos and delete them *as if your relationship never existed*.

  • Unfollow them on social media

As above, showing them you simply aren’t interested in what they are up to is a great way to settle the score. Unfollow them, unfriend them, or even block them if you want.

  • Tell their mom

If they did something particularly bad, you know who they won’t want finding out? Their mom! Telling the parents is a devious move, but it certainly makes them think twice before doing it again! Especially if they cheated on you or did something terrible to you, then tell their mom. This way, they won’t repeat the same mistake in their future relationships.

  • Tell everyone!

Public shaming might be just the ticket if you’re looking for them to feel seriously remorseful for their actions. This isn’t for everyone but if you feel like the only way to get revenge on your ex is public humiliation, then, by all means, do it! This might be the solution you’re looking for to end their bad behavior, once and for all.

  • Steal their friends

Their friends are everything to them so by stealing their friends, you’re already getting back at your ex. If they really were that terrible and you’ve been together for a long time, you might end up getting them on your side. If possible, make sure they know about it, that feels even better!

  • If you shared Netflix passwords, change them

Don’t let them freeload off you for one second longer! If you’re used to sharing any accounts with them like Netflix or Spotify, change your password! Don’t let them keep using you, even after the breakup.

  • Become successful

Get that promotion, change career paths, write that book. Do all the things you said you were going to do when they held you back, and kick ass at every single one of them! Success will always be the best revenge, so this is how to get back at your ex in a way that’ll make them envy you.

  • Imitate pictures they post of themselves on social media

Make fun of their arrogant selfies or stupid posts by mocking them. People will think you are hilarious too *well, everyone except your ex, that is!* What better way to embarrass your ex than by mocking their selfies and basically every social media post they have, right?

  • Ask for all your stuff back, then throw it away in front of them

Make them hunt for all the stuff you left at their place, and get them to return it. It will be funny watching their face when you just say ‘thanks’ and then chuck it straight in the bin!

  • Stay tight with their family

If you want to trigger a reaction out of your ex, then remain close with their family. Nothing’s more annoying than when your family is still close with your ex, right? The same should apply to them! Used to call his mum every week? Keep doing it! Used to play golf with her dad on a regular basis? Refuse to give that up. Staying close to their family will infuriate them and make them feel on edge all the time too!

  • Go traveling

Get out there and see the world! Make sure you document pictures of yourself having an amazing time in all these exotic locations. Nothing says, ‘I couldn’t care less about you’ better than looking hot on a beach somewhere beautiful.

  • Don’t just show happiness, be genuinely happy

Next to success, happiness is the next best revenge on how to get back at your ex. When you’re happy *and your ex sees this*, they’ll be overthinking what makes you so happy when a breakup is supposed to make you miserable. It’ll eventually lead to the realization that you were only unhappy with them, and that’s the real revenge.

  • Move on for good

If there’s something that’s a complete slap in the face for your ex, it’s when you stop caring entirely. No, you’re not just pretending not to care, but you really don’t give a sh*t about what they do, or their entire existence.

  • Get in a long-term relationship

It takes significant time to get this right, as you should only date when you’re ready. But it’ll frustrate your ex when you land a real relationship that’s better than you ever had with them.

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