Most of Us Are Ready To Start Making Holiday Plans

We're almost in October, which for many means the holidays are just around the corner. And while it may seem early to start thinking about your holiday plans, a lot of folks are ready to go.

A new survey conducted by OnePoll forAffirm finds:

  • 73% of people who plan to travel over the holidays will start making their plans in October.
  • But it sounds like some folks are skipping the family this year.
  • In fact, 59% of Americans say they’d rather take a vacation than go to a family get together this holiday season.
  • And of those who are traveling, three-quarters plan to spend more money than they have in previous years. 

But travel isn’t the only thing people are thinking about. Some are already contemplating their holiday shopping.

  • When it comes to gift giving this year, more people are interested in experiences rather than things.
  • 54% of people say they plan to spend more on experiences this year as opposed to physical gifts.
  • 42% of people say the top gift they plan to give this year is a memorable experience like concert tickets or sporting events.
  • Other likely gifts being purchased this year include:
    • Electronics (29%)
    • New clothing (28%)
    • A vacation (flights, hotel room, travel package, etc.) (26%)
    • Jewelry and/or accessories (24%)
    • Home decor items (23%)
  • The average person plans to spend nearly $400 on holiday gifts, and just over $300 for each immediate family member. 

As for what folks want for the holidays:

  • 27% of people say the top gift they hope to receive is a vacation, i.e. flights, hotel room, travel package, etc.
  • Other top gifts include:
    • New clothing (26%)
    • Gifts to create a memorable experience (24%)
    • Jewelry and/or accessories (24%)
    • Home décor items (24%)
    • Electronics (23%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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