Most of Us are Planning To Celebrate Halloween This Year

After most people missed out on Halloween last year due to the pandemic, it sounds like a lot of families are planning to make up for it this year.  A new Goodwill survey finds:

  • 74% of Americans do plan to celebrate Halloween this year.
  • As for how they’ll celebrate:
    • 41% will hand out candy to trick-or-treaters
    • 34% plan to wear a costume or dress up.
    • 34% will decorate their homes.
    • 24% plan to attend either an in-person or virtual party with family and friends. 

But even though they are ready to celebrate Halloween, many people still have concerns.

  • 73% of those polled say pandemic safety concerns will impact their Halloween plans.
    • 32% say they will affect their plans a lot.
    • 29% say their plans will somewhat be affected.
    • 12% say they will have a little bit of impact.

Besides candy, the most important thing about Halloween is the costumes. So what will folks be dressing up as this year?

  • 28% of people prefer costumes based on pop culture trends or characters from TV, movies, video games or books.
  • 25% will opt for iconic Halloween costumes like witches ghosts, zombies or werewolves.
  • 24% are planning unique, one-of-a-kid costumes. 

Source:Business Insider

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