The #1 Best Exercise For Fighting Stress, Says Science

We all know that exercise helps with stress relief. But science suggests that there’s one workout that’s top of the list when it comes to fighting stress, and that workout is boxing. Due to its HIIT nature and variations that are in each session, you use so many different muscles while working out. Plus, it takes a ton of concentration, meaning your mind can’t wander too much. Science also shows that boxing can improve weight loss, sleep habits, heart health and more.

Here are some of the ways boxing combats stress:

  • Boxing can lower blood pressure. When you’re stressed, blood pressure goes up, and a regular boxing routine can keep your body at a consistently healthier level than lower-intensity workouts.
  • Boxing can release endorphins. And we all know the power endorphins have, as it increases dopamine, which boosts happiness.
  • Boxing can help you sleep better. When you’re less stressed (thanks to endorphins and dopamine) you sleep better, which makes you feel restful the next day.
  • Boxing builds strength. By taking care of your muscles, you build your physical strength, which goes hand in hand with mental health.

Source:Eat This

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