When People Realized They Weren’t Young Anymore

While folks may believe that age is just a number, that’s really just something people say when they don’t want to feel old. Unfortunately, a birthday isn’t the only thing that can make folks realize they aren’t young anymore, and now some are sharing when that happened for them. 

Someone on Reddit posed the question, “When did you realize that you are officially 'not young' anymore?" and plenty of people were happy to chime in, and in some cases it’s pretty funny. 

They include:

  • "I threw my back out scooping cat litter one day. I didn't even do anything weird, just bent over like normal and then was in pain for a week.”
  • "When a song I loved as a teenager appeared as an oldie on the radio."
  • "I just bought a new mop and was really excited to go home and use it. I mopped the whole apartment in absolute bliss."
  • "When I realized having a 1 in front of my birth year is all anyone needs to know I'm old enough to purchase alcohol.”
  • "When one of my younger coworkers took it upon herself to explain to me who Cardi B was. I already knew who she was and was familiar with her music. Apparently, I just looked like I needed to be supplied with this info."
  • "When my best friend and I were planning for a concert, and for the first time in our lives, we were like, 'Do we...want to buy seats instead of standing in the pit?'"
  • "When I started viewing guys on motorcycles with concern instead of awe. 'Damn kid's gonna get himself killed' vs. 'Ooh, look at that hot rebel.'"
  • "I took my fiancé back to the university I attended, and we went for a drink at my old favorite bar. Ordered a margarita, and the waiter said, 'Do you want the well tequila that we serve to everyone or like….adult tequila?'"
  • "The other day, I dropped something on the floor. I had to think for a hard second whether to go down and reach for it or just leave it."


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