Signs It’s Time To Update Your Wardrobe

Does it take you forever to find something to wear even though you have a closet full of clothes? You’re definitely not alone. Now that we’re going out and about more, some of us are wearing clothes we haven’t worn in a year and a half and finding that they’re not all working for us anymore.

These are some signs it’s time for a wardrobe refresh:

  • Your closet is full but it takes you forever to find an outfit- You should have enough clothes that you love and feel comfortable in that getting dressed is a no-brainer. We all have days we’re indecisive, but if you're struggling because you really don’t have much to wear, it’s time to shop.
  • More than five core items don’t fit anymore- Lots of us have gained a few pounds during the pandemic, so it makes sense that our clothes don’t quite fit the same. But if your basics, like jeans and your favorite dress, don’t fit, invest in pieces that work for you now.
  • You haven’t been shopping in years- If your wardrobe looks exactly the same as it did several years ago, you need to make some new additions. And go ahead and get rid of some of the more dated clothes you know you’ll never wear again.
  • Pieces in your core lineup are damaged- Fix what you can, but if you’ve got holes, tears and permanent stains that make your clothes unwearable, it’s time to replace them with pieces you can wear.
  • Your clothes don’t inspire you- We all get bored with our wardrobes and if yours doesn’t reflect major lifestyle changes, like switching careers or going through a personal overhaul, you can breathe some life into it with a few new pieces you’ll be excited to put on.


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