Girl Shares List Of Rules Boyfriend Gave Her Before She Went To College

Few high school romances survive when kids go off to college, but we’d say it’s a good thing this relationship didn’t last.

A woman on TikTok recently shared the outrageous list of demands her boyfriend sent her before she went off to college. There were 11 rules on the list, an she smartly dumped him because of it. “I thought it would be funny to read the rules my crazy, controlling ex-boyfriend sent me before I left for college,” she said in the video captioned, “I wish I was joking.’”

Outrageous demands on the list included:

  • Don’t ignore me after reading this
  • Never turn off your life360, find my iphone, or Snap location
  • Approve all outfits you wear past me and my mom
  • Do not come in contact with boys by 25 or more feet
  • Absolutely no drinking
  • No crop tops or tight clothing
  • Be in your dorm by 9pm every night and facetime me so I know you are alone
  • No frat parties, house parties, dorm parties etc
  • No wearing other boys clothing
  • No comparing hand sizes with other boys, hugging, kissing etc
  • Never take off the ring I gave you

In the post she added, “I’m by no means glamorizing controlling relationships. I just thought it was funny he thought he had that control,” and went on to comment on each of his ridiculous rules. She also said that she was clear to him she no longer wanted a relationship, and even told his parents, and then blocked him from everything. She added, “I do not stand for anybody to be mentally abused, physically abused ... it is never okay.”

As you can imagine, commenters were shocked, and also glad she got rid of him.

  • “This is not just insecure this is ABUSIVE,” one person commented, while another added, “Uuugh this reminds me of my ex. Glad you bailed,”
  • “Every time I think something’s satire and realize there really are boys like this,” another noted.


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