The Social Customs People Want Canceled

There are certain customs in our country that most people just accept as the way things are, but not everyone is happy with them, and may want to see those customs done.

A new thread on Reddit delves into that exact topic, and it all started when someone posed the question, “What social customs do we need to retire?” Well, plenty of people has thoughts on the subject.

Social customs that need to be retired include:

  • “Expensive funerals. The funeral industry is insane.”
  • “That somehow the concept of maturing means you have to give up hobbies that are seen as 'childish'.”
  • “Sleep deprivation pride. I don't know why my coworkers are boasting that they slept 4 hours last night.”
  • “Putting our jobs before our personal lives.”
  • “Not talking about salary.”
  • "I have this cough, but I came to work anyway, because I'm so dedicated to my career!"
  • "You're too old for..." bullsh*t. You're never too old for college/university, to change careers, to learn a new skill or to enjoy something new. It's YOUR life!”
  • “Making your kids hug/kiss people they aren’t comfortable with.”
  • “Associating relationships with fulfillment and suffering to being single.”
  • “Diamond rings for engagements - they are a scam, and especially the 3 months salary custom is absurd.”
  • "Boys don't cry"
  • "Stop questioning when we are having children. It’s none of anyone’s business." 


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