Dating Expert Reveals Where to Meet the Man of Your Dreams

Looking for the man of your dreams? Dating expert, Lindsey Metselaar of “We Met At Acme” is here to help. And she is not talking about dating apps, she is talking about in-person places. As she just got engaged to the man of her dreams who she met at “Acme,” a NYC restaurant, she may know a thing or two about this topic….

What are her suggestions on where to meet someone?

  • Sporting Event: It doesn’t matter if it’s football, hockey, tennis, baseball, etc. – just get to a game! Even better if you know a thing or two about the sport so you can be in your natural element.
  • Concert: Music taste can be important in a lot of relationships, so what better place to find someone that likes the same music as you?
  • Work Event: No, this isn’t permission to hook up with your coworkers unless there’s some actual potential there. But, work events are great places to network with others, in more ways than one.
  • One a Date With Someone Else: Wait, what? But yes, especially if it’s a bad date, why not keep your eyes open to who else is there.
  • Exercise Class: Fitness is important to you both. Why not look around and find someone you can work out with?

For the full list of places to meet the man of your dreams, clickHERE!


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