TikTok’s Latest Pre-Workout Trend is...the Rice Krispies Treat?

Before a workout, some people will drink a smoothie, or maybe eat some protein, or even not eat at all. But apparently a new TikTok trend is motivating people to grab, of all things, a Rice Krispies Treat before heading to the gym.

That’s right, the latest TikTok craze is a pre-workout Rice Krispies Treat snack, with one viral video, by TikTOk user@Ko0maa suggesting it provides “an insane pump” at the gym. His clip, which has been viewed over 175, times, claims the sweet snack helped him best his personal weight-lifting record. Another user agreed, sharing, "Trust me when I say it, Rice Krispies gonna make you have the best workout.”

But not everyone is down with this odd pre-workout food. "Tried the Rice Krispies Treat before a workout thing,” user @RickSegall wrote. “Don’t get it. 30 min of sugar high then a sugar crash that ruined the back end of my workout. Not for me.”

So, is a Rice Krispies Treat really a good pre-workout snack? Well, experts say it isn’t exactly harmful, it really isn’t the best choice.

  • Abbie E. Smith-Ryan, associate professor exercise physiology at UNC Chapel Hill's Department of Exercise and Sport Science, tells “USA Today,” that it’s better to have a meal three-hours prior to a workout that consists of carbs, proteins and fat, and the Rice Krispies Treat is pure carbs, but since it can be quickly digested it won’t cause any harm.
  • Meanwhile, Michael Daignault, an emergency physician and chief medical adviser for Reliant Health Service, doesn’t see it as helping all that much, noting whatever boost TikTokers are getting is just “a brief sugar high, plus a placebo effect from a perceived performance enhancement."

Source:USA Today

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