Woman Reminds Moms “You Can’t Do It All” In Honest Post

Feeling overwhelmed while trying to juggle work, family, a household and everything that goes with them? It’s a familiar feeling for many of us and one mom took toFacebookto share a message she says all moms need to hear. Karen Johnson, a mother of three from Wisconsin, recently wrote about all the things she’d gotten done in one day, then revealed her “magic secret” for how she did it all.

Johnson shared that she was able to register her kids for after-school activities, get a price quote for painting their home, coordinate a playdate for her son, grocery shop, cook dinner, work out, and more, all while working full-time from home. She sounds super impressive, but she assures readers it wasn’t a “braggy, look how amazing I am” post. Instead, she reveals the way she was able to accomplish so much. “My kids were on screens all day,” she writes. “They fed themselves breakfast and lunch and I’m pretty sure they ate ice cream for breakfast and Oreos for lunch.”

The honest mom also shares that her house is trashed and that she still hasn’t unpacked from a trip they just got home from. “Anyone who says you can do it all is … lying,” Johnson writes. “Something HAS to give. In fact, many things have to give.” She’s received hundreds of comments thanking her for being real and saying the things no one will. “You can't do it all. None of us can,” she says. “Be proud of what you do -- however long or short that list is.”

Source:Good Morning America

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