Non-Awkward Ways To Break The Ice on a First Date

First dates are awkward, especially when you may have not actually met the other person before, which has become more common thanks to dating apps. Sure, you may have FaceTimed and spoken “face to face” but there was still a screen between you. Meeting in person for the first time is a big deal! A big, sometimes awkward deal, which is why it’s important to be prepared.

Here are some ways to help you break the ice on a first date, especially for someone you met on a dating app.

  • Ask them something about their dating profile.
  • Ask if they’re a cat or a dog person.
  • Ask them what they love so much, they’d do it for free.
  • Ask them about the best vacation they ever took.
  • Ask them what they’d podcast about.
  • Ask about the craziest thing they’ve ever done.
  • Ask them their most controversial pop culture opinion.

For the full list of non-awkward icebreakers, clickHERE!


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