6 Easy Ways To Perk Up When You're In An Afternoon Slump

The afternoon slump is so real, for all of us. It’s actually a normal part of our body. Harvard’s “Healthy Sleep” site explains, “The grogginess that people often experience in the mid-afternoon, and commonly attribute to a heavy lunch or a dull meeting, is usually the result of a brief lull in the strength of the alerting signal,” adding, “While sleep drive continues to climb, there is an hour or two each afternoon during which the alerting signal fails to keep pace, and alertness suffers as a result.”

We know that most of the time, we can’t just go and take a nap. So how can we perk up from the afternoon slump? Some easy things you can do include:

  1. Drink some water.
  2. Turn up the lights or get outside.
  3. Take a power nap.
  4. Talk with someone.
  5. Eat a fun, motivating snack.
  6. Think about what activity nourishes you and make time for it.

Source:Huffington Post

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