Woman Drafts 17-Page Relationship Contract For BF Of Two Weeks

A college student in Atlanta met a guy on Tinder and they hit it off right away, so she took a unique approach to making their romance work. Just two weeks after meeting Michael Head, Annie Wright drew up a 17-page “relationship contract” with her new love interest and instead of running scared, he happily agreed to sign.

Annie, 21, had gotten out of a toxic relationship and knew she wanted things to be different with Michael and after he said he wanted them to be boyfriend and girlfriend, she wanted to lay some “serious ground rules.” The contract started out as a joke, but when her law student boyfriend was into the idea, she got to work. Their contract includes four main objectives: honesty, communication, awareness of partner’s needs and clarity and alignment of their intentions.

She also asked for “a romantic gesture once every two weeks,” no silent treatment, for him to pay for date nights and to not isolate her from loved ones. And while a contract might not seem romantic to the rest of us, it’s clearly working for them as the couple is about to celebrate their one year anniversary. “This has been a game changer,” Annie explains. “We’re partners in this. We’re agreeing to tackle life together and this is our game plan for doing it.”

Source:New York Post

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