A News Study Says Wine Is The Only Alcoholic Drink With Health Benefits

Is wine your boozy drink of choice? A newstudyfinds that may be a good thing, when it comes to your health. Researchers at Anglia Ruskin University in the U.K. analyzed data from more than 440-thousand participants over seven years and found wine offers benefits that other drinks don’t. It turns out, those who regularly enjoyed a glass of wine had a decreased risk of coronary heart disease, but the same wasn’t true for those who drank beer, cider and spirits.

The drinkers of other types of booze were found to have a higher risk for health issues including cancer, stroke, cardiovascular events and overall mortality. In fact, those who consume other types of alcohol within the guidelines -which is no more than 14 units per week in the U.K., where the study was done- actually increase the risk of cardiovascular disease by 30%. But the wine drinkers? They lowered their risk of coronary heart disease by five to 10%.

“There is an undeniable protective beneficial relationship between coronary heart disease and consumption of both red and white wine,” says study author Dr Rudolph Schutte. “However, this is only seen with coronary heart disease and none of the other cardiovascular diseases.”

  • And if you want the health benefit without having to catch a buzz, you can. The decreased risk of coronary heart disease was found in alcohol-free wine as well, which suggests it’s the antioxidants in wine that provide it, not the alcohol.


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