Try the "Five Minute Rule" for More Success in Everything

We can get all overwhelmed when we think of everything on our to-do list. As a result, we often procrastinate. That’s not a great solution either. Someone with ideas on attacking that problem? TikToker @Psychologee, she’s a Psychology graduate student who likes giving advice. And in case, she’s serving us the “Five Minute Rule.”

What’s that? Tell yourself you only need to work for five minutes. Yes, really. Set a timer for five minutes and get cracking on a task. When five minutes are up, you’ll probably be so engrossed in work that you’ll continue with what you’re doing without realizing it.

If you do stop working and get overwhelmed, just do it again. Work in five minute increments and then give yourself a break. Get it yet? Thing is, by continuously telling our brains how much work we need to get done, we just stress ourselves out. The idea here is ‘work smarter, not harder.’ Get to it!

Source:Psychologee on TikTok

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