A Majority Of Us Spend Money On Football Season

The NFL season kicked off last night, and while it’s bound to be an exciting one for football fans, it will apparently also be a costly one.

A new LendingTree survey finds:

  • 67% of Americans will spend money on at least one item for the football season.
  • The most popular thing people will spend money on is food and drink for game watching parties (26%), followed by:
    • Food and drink outside the home (22%)
    • Streaming service or cable TV to watch the games (22%))
    • Merchandise (20%)
    • Single game tickets (17%)
    • Sports betting (10%)
    • Fantasy football (10%)
    • Season tickets (10%)

As for how much people expect to spend this football season:

  • 22% say they’ll spend at least $1,000.
  • More men than women will spend this amount (25% vs. 19%)
  • Gen Z (27%) and Millennials (26%) are more likely to spend $1,000 or more as compared to older generations.
  • 25% of people think it’s extremely or somewhat likely they’ll go into debt spending money on football.

And after not getting to see a game in person last year due to COVID, many people plan to splurge this year.

  • 14% of people say they plan to splurge and attend a live game this year.
  • 10% will splurge on merchandise.
  • 9% will splurge on special seats
  • 9% plan to splurge and travel to a game 
  • Overall, 20% of football fans do plan on attending a game in their city this season.
  • 13% plan to go to a game in another city.
  • 6% plan to travel to another state for a game.


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