A Quarter of Us Describe Summer 2021 As “Bad” Or “The Worst

Labor Day weekend is now over, which for many usually means it’s the unofficial end of summer. And based on a new poll, it doesn’t sound like many people are all that unhappy summer is over. 

A new YouGov survey finds:

  • 26% of Americans do believe that summer concludes on Labor Day.
  • But 39% of people actually don’t consider summer over until September 21st.
  • Another 19% say it’s over when the new school year begins.
  • Overall, only 23% of people described this summer as either “good” or the “best summer ever.”
  • On a positive note, that’s up from 15% last year.
  • Meanwhile, 26% of people describe this summer as either “bad”, or the “worst summer ever.”
  • While that’s not good, it is down from 46% of people who described last summer that way.
  • How people feel about this summer, does depend on whether folks were able to go on vacation.
  • Of the one in three Americans who went on vacation, 37% call this summer good or the best, while only 14% call it bad or the worst.
  • Of those who didn’t take a vacation, only 16% called it a good or the best summer, and 32% said it was bad or the worst.


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